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MK Landscapes

Soft Landscaping Contractor

Working closely with the client, we can deliver the visions and ideas you may have.

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Soft Landscaping / Planting and Turfing

MK Landscapes provides a range of patio and garden choices throughout the Kent area. And we strive to cater our service to accommodate most budgets.


Regardless of whether you need gaps filled in herbaceous edges, large new beds planted out, pots and planters filled in a tiny garden or balcony, complex bed patterns laid out, we are the company for you.

Planting and laying turf is now second nature to our professionals, who have worked on projects from back garden revamps to large parkland creations.

We offer complete comprehensive planting schemes to smaller projects – we will have a consultation where we discuss your wants and needs. We will see what type of soil you have and determine if your property is in shade or sun, every small detail is essential in delivery a planting scheme that will work for you.

We can help you with the following subjects;

  • ○ Garden Lawn Treatment
  • ○ Garden Wild Meadow seeding
  • ○ Complete Garden planting schemes
  • ○ Planting Garden trees
  • ○ Garden Bed preparation
  • ○ Garden Mulching
  • ○ Garden Compost
  • ○ Compost Woodchip
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