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garden design

Garden design

We understand that visualising your garden is of utmost importance to our clients, and with our, house designers this is something we can do for you.

How it works

On our initial site visit, we will speak in detail about what you require and what materials best suit your needs. Precise measurements will then be taken, along with site photographs of the garden and property. This will ensure drawings are made to scale and we can replicate the site as closely as possible in our designs.

As all designs are drawn to scale, it will show you precisely where each feature will be positioned and how they complement each other. Every individual design is unique to each client, it’s a bespoke plan that will only work in your outdoor space and it’s a great way to see both the clients brief and the professional landscaper's ideas and recommendations come together before any work is undertaken.

We aim to get all designs and drawings completed and ready to present in 3 weeks from our site survey. A huge amount of work goes into planning and designing each garden and we only present when we are 100% happy with all aspects so in some cases it may take longer than the time given.

All designs are presented in a scaled 2D format as shown below. scaled 2D format

We can also present 3D designs at extra cost. 3D design

There is no set price for any design as every garden project is different and. A price will be given before any designed work commences.

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